Holy Grail Publishing

My name is Armanis Ar-feinial, your local Sarcastic elf trying to find his way back home. You’ll find me in various places like Twitter, my newsletter, and I even have a blog. Below you’ll find such links to my works, as to where to find me, and get updates on current work. I enjoy interacting, but as you might guess, I’m a very, very busy elf, stuck in Boston I might add, a truly wonderful place. Mead selections are limited.

I have published: The Holy Grail War, The Secrets of Terra Silenti, The Covenant, The Desecration of the World

Coming Soon: The Nihilistic Neverending Nightmares

WIP or Works in progress: Lira, The Land of Dreams, The Tragedy of Ted Anderson, What is Treason, and The Thing about Apples

I also read Indie books.

“All hope abandon, ye who enter in,”

Dante’s Inferno.

Business inquiries: Holygrailpublishing21@gmail.com